Un émulateur Sega Master System & Gamegear, comme le titre l’indique. Il supporte des homebrews et ainsi que des titres phares tel Sonic the Hedgehog. L’interface permet de sélectionner un titre et de le lancer directement.

Ne fonctionne pas sur Opera 12.15. Pas d’autre info pour le moment^^.

Les améliorations sont les suivantes :

– Update the manifest file for Alec.
– Implementation of a new analyzer, untested and optimized.
– Fixed a bunch of small bugs in the debugger.
– Clean the DummyUI Definition.
– Fixed the reference to the icon in the manifest of the web app.
– Update manifest the web app.
– First iteration of Alec, a web app for Firefox OS.
– Minor change the user interface.
– Remove check for the length parameter.
– Added option to force the use of ArrayBuffer DataView and at the time of construction.
– Added new instructions in JavaScript generator.
– Implementing more instructions.
– Separation of code generation in several memory pages.
– Deleting interruption accurate in the generated code.
– Direct reading from the Roma for the analysis of instruction.
– Reactivation of code generation in the user specifies interruption.
– No code generation in precise emulation mode.
– Generation of JavaScript clearer.
– Replacing the Setup object constants.

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