Madrigal, programmeur prolifique depuis 1999, est toujours en train de mettre à jour ses « anciens » simulateurs, les ramenant à une version récente , la « Standard 4 ».

Aujourd’hui est le jour où le classique parmi les classiques des jeux est mis à jour: Mario Bros double écran !

C’est encore un autre «réécriture complète» du code source, avec de meilleurs graphismes, compatibles avec MAME-cabinets, une meilleure gestion des intrants, etc. Meilleurs graphismes, meilleure gestion des touches.


news_2013-05-31_mariobro_1Ancienne version datant de 2002


news_2013-05-31_mariobro_2Nouvelle version  (plus haute résolution, graphismes, réalisme amplifié)


Emails de Madrigal :

well the game is extremely close to the original game. i scanned the
handheld with a professional Epson scanner, the fact is that the screen was
REALLY a little bit dark, i could not do much to enhance contrast.
i like it, it’s extremely realistic. To make it lighter, i should re-draw the whole lcd graphics set! :-/

well you see it’s even BETTER than *my* handheld, which RIGHT screen is
almost faded out, and there’s a large area with « bronzed » colour 🙁
probably was left to the sunlight by the previous owner.
it was VERY hard for me to make it grey, in order to match the left side
(which has original background colours).

mario bros was one of my top favourite games when i was a child.
i put it on the 2nd place after mario’s cement factory.
sorry it’s not possible to enlarge size: the game has fixed size, which is
specifically made to not exceed the 1024×768 desktop.

no full screen, sorry. i don’t like it much. i like the idea of an
handheld laying over a desktop, like it was on a table 🙂
good night!



Mario Bros. (Nintendo, Multi Screen)

current version:

S4/1.02 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)
first release date: July 29th, 2002
last updated: May 31st, 2013


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