On l’attendait pour ce weekend ca fut juste 😉 Voici le nouveau RockNES spĂ©cial « More rewrites and major cleanups, plus internal changes » :

– Added 4 new video filters: 2xSaI, SuperEagle, Pixelated (TV looking) and scanlines, all displayed on 640×480 resolution;
– Added bright level adjustment! Press F1 to increase or Shift+F1 to decrease level;
– Reworked extra memory management, now allocated only if required;
– Fixed dummy buffer size (it was too large);
– Fixed Allegro shutdown on gfx error (on startup only);
– Fixed player #2 input select (joystick #2 is selectable again);
– Sound is enabled if the config file is missing (whoops!);
– Enabled VS Atari RBI Baseball reads (whoops);
– Enabled full WRAM write for trained ROMs (controls now work);
– Fixed sprite #0 strike cycle calculation;
– Fixed ppu address refresh to the old setting (it was glitching games);
– Fixed mapper #5 (MMC5), mirroring behaviour corrected;
– Fixed a bug in the mapper #13, plus ppu I/O optimized (Videomation works);
– Fixed a bug in the Konami’s VRC IRQs (mappers #21,#23,#24,#25,#26);
– Fixed mapper #21 (Wai Wai World 2 and others);
– Fixed broken fastforward key and sound shutdown;
– Fixed 640×480 image centering;
– Fixed screenshot/FDS message color display (whoops);
– Added coin inserted message display;
– Fixed insert coin key to TILDE instead of TAB (grr);
– Fixed screenshot return status (no more fake error message on GUI);
– Fixed a memory leak on program exit;
– On CPU dumping, the interruption pending status is checked by the I_FLAG;
– Small ppu pattern I/O optimization;
– A couple of minor fixes and mistakes.

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