SSE pour « Steven Seagal Edition » est un émulateur d’Atari ST basé sur le STeem original v3.2 de 2004. Il emprunte également des améliorations en provenance de Hatari.


- Display: new option 'scanlines interpolated', mixing 'stretch' mode with
scanline. That way the picture resembles more the display of a colour
monitor on a real ST.
The option is available in both low and medium resolutions.
The option is not in the SSE option tab but in 'Display', it works
(or should) for both windowed and full screen modes.
Like some other SSE features, it's more a hack than anything.
Please don't change while emulation is running, it could crash Steem.
- Floppy drive: new option to display current drive, side, track and sector.
Yes kid, admit it, it was your fantasy, now it's true!
The "on screen display" way has been chosen because it's far less involved
than messing with status bar/full screen, it just works. Quick win.
The option is not in the SSE option tab but in 'On Screen Display'.
- Disk image name scrolling (same option tab).
- Floppy drive slow mode (snails in Disk manager)
Bugfixes: Decade, War Heli, Noughts and Mad Crosses, probably others.
Improvements, based on technical documentation about controller and disk
format (gaps):
Japtro - fix copied from Hatari (it worked before thanks to compensating
emulation imprecisions).
ProCopy "Analyze" function (WD1772 'Read address')
Microprose Golf loading speed
ST-NICCC 2000 Final by Oxygene (STF+STE version) loading speed
Sentinel on Automation 001 is now FIXED in slow disk mode, all TOS. At last!
FDCTNF.TOS by Petari, but just a hack (check 'Hacks')
Note: WD1772 Commands types III and IV haven't been much modified yet.
- Pasti: toggling Pasti on/off in the disk manager will not force a reset
Smarter disk manager, setting pasti on/off as needed, displaying all
New option to make Pasti handle only STX images, Steem being in charge of
the rest. Interesting possibilities.
- Timings: more precise STE CPU frequency, more precise STE DMA sound frequency,
more precise MFP timers for shorter intervals (HWTST001.PRG).
- CPU exceptions: value of PC (program counter) in some provoked crashes now
based on Motorola microcode analysis!
No more vulgar opcode-based hacks in Steem baby (Blood Money, European Demos,
Phaleon, Transbeauce 2, War Heli...)
- CPU fetching in IO zone (Union demo, Warp STX)
- CPU Bugfix Death of the Clock Cycles (broken by the Aladin fix in 3.5.0)
- Shifter: fixed Armada is Dead scroller, broken since 3.3 with 'Hacks' on
(hack for Big Wobble was conflicting).
- Added option in 'startup' page to disable DSP (it's buggy/crash-prone).
Attempt to reduce aliasing, eg Star Trek - nog very good!
If you're annoyed by cracks in samples caused by the filter, uncheck DSP or
- ACIA emulation making a more explicit use of the chip's registers, with
some improvements (MIDI: Notator) and bugfixes (Hades Nebula, broken
since 3.4)
- HD6301 IKBD emulation bugfixes. Because we use 3rd party code, we depend in
some measure on its structure, which makes some improvements difficult.
- To reduce code footprint, removed hack that has demos Dragonnels,
Froggies, Transbeauce 2 running without 'true 6301 emu mode'.
- STE auto set RAM to 2MB, STF to 1MB, for better compatibility. Of course
you can still change it at your convenience.
- Option 'Stealth' renamed 'Emu detect' (opposite effect, maybe clearer so).


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