DBGL est une interface graphique en JAVA pour DOSBox, qui se base largement sur l’interface D-Fend. Elle gère plusieurs profiles, plus de 1 000 si nécessaire, et il est possible d’en importer de D-Fend. Elle accepte plusieurs versions de DOSBox. Elle supporte les archives compressées au format 7z. Enfin, elle simplifie bien sûr le lancement de jeux sous DOS. (Source : Emunova)


Nombreuses améliorations :

-Implemented « Gallery View » mode; instead of using a table to browse through your profiles, DBGL can now display the profiles as icons (in 3 different sizes; small, medium, large) as well. This was implemented using the Nebula Gallery SWT Widget which allows for nice custom styling and good performance. It supports multi-select, and should thus behave mostly the same as the regular ‘Table View’ mode. Hovering over a profile-icon will display the extra information about the profile that is normally shown in the table columns. 
PLEASE NOTE: You will need the new gallery-0.5.3.jar file if you want to upgrade an existing DBGL installation!
 -Some interface improvements; implemented showing/hiding of profile screenshots and notes (Neville), made web-search results table sortable by clicking on columns (kolano), and optimized thumbnail caching somewhat.
 -Fixed crashbug when trying to import GamePackArchive containing native commands, but with at least 1 profile without actual native commands. (Neville)
 -Implemented data dir redirect in case of set env. variable (dbgl.data.localappdata=true or dbgl.data.userhome=true) or read-only DBGL dir. All DBGL data is written to %LOCALAPPDATA%/DBGL (on Windows) or ~/.dbgl (on Linux and OSX) in that case. Also, if no dosbox version is included in the DBGL folder, then no default dosbox version and templates are generated on first startup. Also, a generic Linux ANT target (without pre-compiled DOSBox and templates) was added. All these changes should provide for easier inclusion in Linux Repositories such as AUR (dostux) , and makes it possible to put DBGL in a read-only folder such as [c:\program files\dbgl]. Please note that for this to be implemented, I had to make the database folder relative to the data folder (thus no longer relative to the main DBGL folder).
 -Implemented a workaround for a potential DBGL startup problem regarding SWT not being able to write its dll files to a specific directory below user.home, by redirecting that location to DBGL’s lib directory, instead. (Jurjen Bakker)
 -Added support for the DOS « loadhigh » command.
 -Improved custom autoexec parsing.
 -Fixed a minor regression regarding changing a custom column’s name. (kolano)
 -Added (partial) Polish translation from Abrio, and updated the Italian (code120), French (Max Buttjer) and Korean (ykhwong) translations.
 -Updated SWT to 4.2.2

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