Entièrement compatible avec les architectures x86 et x64.
Emulation Organizer est un programme avancé conçu pour gérer vos roms, Jeux, Livres électroniques, fichiers compressés, musique et tout type de fichier.
Vous pouvez gérer vos roms (supprimer, ajouter …..), joindre une image et un fichier texte pour chaque rom pour la configuration.
Vous pouvez organiser les roms dans l’ordre que vous voulez, faire glisser et déposer pour trier ’em, copier et coller depuis / vers playlist et plus encore.


Nombreuses améliorations :

* Added: ability to separate database file using separate tool.
* Added: support for WHDLoad database files (import and export).
* Added: support for SMS database files (import and export).
* Added: ability to launch programs before and/or before emulator launch.
* Added: option in media tabs (audio and video) to auto hide toolbar when media play.
* Added: ability to specify emulator extensions instead of limiting to .exe extension.
* Added: ability to define commandlines (more than one command) in one commandline element.
* Added: option in get info files from database (for mame only) that allow to save all
files even nor rom match in the console.
* Improved: filtering and searching now are real time (also option to enable/disable this feature).
* Improved: double click on an image on a tab open it in the default image viewer.
* Improved: the list view when selecting rom using key on keyboard.
* Fixed: roms sort by size using Size column.
* Fixed: when attempt to play a rom the sound/video keep playing if exist.
* Fixed: delete button in rom tab delete the rom instead of deleting the text in field.
* Fixed: Videos play ok but when changing to another console, an unhandled exception is generated.
* Fixed: mouse scroll wheel to scroll up or down on the details list hide some game in the rom list.
* Fixed: can’t sort\use arrow button inside playlist panel.
* Fixed: can’t sort roms if the selection is playlist.
* Fixed: archive files window hide files in the buttom.
* Fixed: commandlines for Future Pinball sim.
* Fixed: when changing a video or sound tab then return to it, the playlist get shown instead
of media player.
* Fixed: when attempting to delete a video (or audio) file from video/audio tab and there’s no
file in the list an error occure.
* Removed: commandline.


Télécharger Emulation Organizer v5.4.125 (7.5 Mo)

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