Un émulateur de PSP écrit en Java. Codé par mad et shadow (PCSX2) et rejoint par wrayal, fiveofhearts, hlide et dreampeppers99. Il émule quelques jeux commerciaux (tel que Puzzle Bobble Pocket ou Breath Of Fire III…) mais pas à pleine vitesse. Cet émulateur s’améliore progressivement.



Les améliorations de la 3244 à 3261 :

-Experimental native memory implementation (through JNI). Not activated.
the WebCam connected to the PC is now used as a replacement for the PSP UsbCam. 
-Improved performance in some cases when using the option « Enable saving GE screen to Textures instead of Memory »: better reuse of the GE texture.
-Improved detection for writing of video textures directly into the frame buffer. This could fix flickering effects while playing a video in some games.
 -Experimental native memory implementation (through JNI). Not activated.
-Redesign of sceMpeg: decouple reading of video data for Xuggler and reading of video data from the PSP. This allows an improved compatibility of the PSP video reading without having to take into account of the Xuggler limitations.
 This could break the video play in a lot of applications! Please report any regression test issue on the forum.
 -Changed the naming of the video under the « tmp » directory to support multiple videos having the same file size.
-Code clean-up in sceDisplay. No functionality change (hopefully).
-Fixed error « java.lang.VerifyError: (class: _S1_2_xxxxxxx, method: s signature: ()I) Expecting to find float on stack »
-Improved unloading of PSP modules: mark the symbols that were resolved by the module to be unloaded as back to unresolved.
-New native Java memcpy sequence.
-changed icon to true Greek flag
-Fixed sceUtilityNetconf, was broken by r3248
-Avoid NullPointerException in sceUtilitySavedata mode=SAVE when SFO file doesn’t exist.
-Fixed scePsmfGetVideoInfo (issue introduced by r3153): the PSP seems to default to the stream #0 as current stream.
-Improved savedata dialogs to better match PSP:
– ask before overwrite a save
– displayed « completed » message after a save.
-Increased size of Debugger window: last registers ($sp, $ra) were not visible.
 -Allow to reduce the size of the Logger window.
-Improved sceAudioChReserve: check parameters and return correct error code. Channels are assigned starting from highest one.
-Fixed savedata issue introduced by r3229.
-Improved sceKernelSendMbx, sceKernelReceiveMbx based on PSP tests using mbx.pbp.

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Télécharger JPcsp (x86) v0.6 rev 3261 (16.6 Mo)

Télécharger JPcsp (x64) v0.7 rev e4952320 (25,7 Mo)

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