Dorsola vient d’uploader une nouvelle version de ce fantastique frontend pour l’émulateur M1, voici les améliorations:

Implemented Playlist support!
A new Playlist Manager gives you full control over what ROM-Clip combinations get played in what order.
You can load, manipulate and save Playlists easily and efficiently.

FoxM1 now operates in two modes:
ROM SoundClip Mode: Allows you to play all clips from a selected ROM, mark clips as blank, modify their titles, and a range of clips for that ROM.
Playlist Mode: Allows you to play selected clips in a Playlist.
In this mode, you cannot mark clips as blank or set ranges, but you can still modify their titles and play clips in either sequential or random order.

Major changes to the UI! In implementing support for Playlists, I reworked the main interface a bit to allow for more functionality.
The interface is a bit taller than it was before, but is the same width.

Added a standard menu to the program, with added functionality.
Among other things, you can now import and export clip data and access various options from the menu.

Fixed a crash that occurred when « Move on to the next clip » was selected for what to do when silence was detected, and silence was detected when FoxM1 was not the currently active application.

Made it possible to select a solid VU meter (minimum segment width).
Also corrected a small problem with the color gradient function.

The « Next Clip » button no longer becomes the default button when you edit the Clip Title or Clip Number fields.

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