MAMEUIFX est basé sur le code source de MAME/MAMEUI, emprunte des améliorations à de nombreux builds non officiels (en vrac : StretchMAME, JMAME, RND, AdvanceMAME, CANAME, WHACK…).

– Added ability to recording WAV OUTPUT to M1FX (As requested)
(\AUDIO\ directory is the output files folder)
– Added support for ASTEROIDS SIX BULLETS SHOT HACK (As requested)
– Implemented GROUPED WITH INDENTED CLONES VIEW in the Game List View in the GUI
(« Interface Options » to enable, disabled by default, a bit different from MAMEUI)
– Integrated M1FX with official M1 CORE and make it a stand-alone executable
(No more need of external M1.DLL which can be safely removed from your MAMEUIFX setup)
– Miscellaneous small source code clean-ups to the GUI

NOTE: 10 years ago a friend of mine asked me: « Why don’t you release your own version of MAME32?
You are quite good at programming and it would be nice… »
I was a MAME user since 0.36.

I decided to follow his suggestion and started to make my own MAME32FX, now called MAMEUIFX,
taking the best from other MAME variants and adding some extra features plus some HACKS to make a lot of games play better than plain MAME.
So already 10 years have passed and I hope the vast majority of you is still here from then. Enjoy.


Télécharger MAMEUIFX32 v0.149.2 (15.4 Mo)

Télécharger MAMEUIFX64 v0.175.1 (18,4 Mo)

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