NSFPlay est un lecteur de musiques NSF c’est à dire pour les jeux Nintendo NES (disquettes et cartouches) pour Windows. Il est également distribué sous forme de plugin destiné à Winamp. Il s’agit d’une version en cours de développement dont l’émulation de la partie FDS a complètement été réécrite depuis la révision R91.


Les changements depuis la v2.2:


– All illegal 6502 opcodes are now emulated.
– Audio emulation is now driven by CPU clock cycles, increases timing accuracy.
– APU frame sequencer now correctly driven by $4017, supports 4 and 5 step modes, immediate reset, and IRQ flag.
– MMC5 frame sequencer now independant of APU frame sequencer.
– Time dilation now slows frame sequencer along with CPU rate.
– Replaced PREFER_PAL setting with REGION, containing more options including Dendy support.
– Swapped duty option for APU1.
– More effective implementation of DMC anti-click option.
– Removed FDS PWM option.

– Fixed broken oversampling filter.
– Better small icon.
– Thinner DPCM address display, does not get truncated.
– Using # instead of + for note names.
– Cosmetic fixes in settings dialog.
– Keyboard frequency display correction for APU/MMC5/VRC6 (were off by 1).
– Expanded infobox info for NSFe.
– Fixed improper loading of UI DLL, prevents crash in same folder as Famitracker.
– UI DLL now reports version, preventing potential problems if mismatched.
– LOG_CPU option for dumping register writes to file.
– Source code cleanup: removing unrelated Z80 emulation code.


Télécharger NSFPlay/NSFPlug WIP r93 (815.4 Ko)

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