Un émulateur de Microbee Z80 Premium/Standard 64/128/256/512Kb FDD.



Les nouveautés sont dantesques :

New for this release:
* Added –port58h option to enable 3rd party WD1002-5/WD2793 support for
dual drive interface selection using port 0x58.
* Added –db-trace option for conditional tracing based on PC address range.
* Added –db-trace-clr option to clear the value set with –db-trace.
* Added –db-bpos option to break when the PC is outside an address range.
* Added –db-bp-mem, –db-bp-meml, –db-bpclr-mem and –db-bpclr-meml
options for memory read/write breakpoints.
* Added a step over parameter to the –db-step option that can be used for
stepping over a call/return.
* Added 256TC v1.31 ROM Y2K century mod when –century=n is used.
* Added HD18.ROM and MD5 to the ‘roms.alias.sample’ file.
* Added some debug step macros to ‘ubee512rc.sample’.
* Added Windows 8 (W8) system detection.
* Added Windows 8 conditionals to ‘ubee512rc.sample’ and ‘games.ini.sample’.
* Added Floppyio and CPM3 macros to ‘ubee512rc.sample’.
* Added North Star Horizon SD ‘nshs’ entry to ‘libdskrc.sample’

* When using console mode (EMUKEY+C) and debug mode is active emulation
continues in the background.
* Changes to GUI to show new debug state conditions.
* Changes to –db-bpclr (–bpclr) to allow optional clearing of all PC
break points except inside break points.
* Changes to –db-bp (–bp) to now set 1 or more PC break points in the
one option declaration.
* Changes to –db-bpr (–bpr) to now set 1 or more PC break points in the
one option declaration.
* Changed ‘hdd’ macro in ‘ubee512rc.sample’ to use original Microbee
* Changes to OPT_RGB_NN_X options in ‘ubee512rc.sample’ to use new values.
* Makefile uses new portable methods for static/dynamic libraries making it
easier to build.
* Win32 binary now built with i586-mingw32msvc tool chain.
* Win32 built using SDL-1.2.15, new DLL is supplied.
(See Windows notes: http://www.libsdl.org/release/changes-1.2.html)
* Windows distribution has all text files using CRLF format with ‘.txt’

* Changes to the CGA colour intensity values (crt.h) to match the values
defined in http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Color_Graphics_Adapter
* Changes to confusing comments/structure for the col_table_p[]
definitions and the code required to access it.
* Re-instated correct declaration for col_table_p[] by removing the
‘const’ declaration as this structure can be set with options.
* Fixed OPT_RGB_NN_X options to use the restructured table in crtc.c and
also the structure declaration used for it (broken in 5.0.0).
* Fixed p1024k model PCG banks value to be 16 not 32.
* Possible GCC sequence-point bug in osd.c fixed (see osd.c history).
* Various compiler warning fixes.

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