Voici une nouvelle version de cet émulateur de Nintendo 8bits pour Dos dont voici les améliorations:

– Added sound wave logging (wheee);
– Fixed 4-screen mirroring (Rad Racer 2 and others are okay);
– Fixed register $400E (noise channel);
– Fixed broken DMC real-time support;
– Fixed pAPU output, plus much better noise support;
– Fixed a few ppu timing issues (Days of Thunder now works);
– Fixed a few issues in the sprite code;
– Fixed a bug in the input device poll (player 2 polling);
– VRC6 sound flag wasn’t being cleared on mapper reset, fixed it;
– Removed that stupid 60Hz speed sync (when sound is off), now the monitor refresh rate (vsync) is used: please, set it to 60Hz if possible;
– Filters now can use any video resolution higher than 640×480, no more overriding the rocknes.ini setting;
– More internal tweaks and cosmetic changes.

Télécharger RockNES (Dos) 3.10 (385.0 Ko)

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