Nouvelle update avec l’ajout de certains dumps taito type X/X². Bon ca ne sera pas émulé avec des années si ca l’est un jour donc épargnez vous des giga pour rien^^



MAMETesters Bugs Fixed
- 05215: [Crash/Freeze] (pce.c) [pce] cdrom games: Peroidic
crashes or black screen (Fabio Priuli)

New System Drivers Supported:

Systems Promoted from GAME_NOT_WORKING:

Skeleton drivers:
-EVMBUG (Texas Instruments TMS9995 Trainer) [Robbbert]
-Ithaca InterSystems DPS-1 [Al Kossow, Curt Coder]

Software Lists:
-pet_flop.xml: Added Z-RAM floppy. [Mike Naberezny]

-Added software list for BASIC programs saved to tape
[Anna Wu, UglyJoe, Fabio Priuli]

-victor9k_flop.xml: Added preliminary software list.
[Jonathan Gevaryahu]

-alphatro_flop.xml: Added floppy software list. [Spirantho]

-ibm5150.xml: Added a few more disks [Kaylee]

-bml3: added software list for floppy disks. [Anna Wu]

-ibm5140.xml: Added floppies and fixed form factor. [Curt Coder]

-ibm5170.xml: Added IBM diagnostics floppies. [Curt Coder]

-pet_flop.xml: Added 8050 version of VisiCalc. [Curt Coder]

Source Changes

-softbox: Fixed reset. [Mike Naberezny]

-corvushd: Supported 4 hard disks and usage from within a device. [Curt Coder]

-Added skeleton for IMI 5000H hard disk controller. [Curt Coder, Al Kossow]

-PC driver cleanup: [Dirk Best]
* Much improved CS4031 emulation, added DMA, interrupt controller,
timer, RTC directly to the device as sub devices and added the
generic functions needed for AT compatibility
* Moved the ct486 driver to its own file, to avoid all the legacy
stuff in at.c
* Added support for the IOCHCK signal to the ISA bus, this is used
instead of directly issuing an NMI to the main CPU
* Moved ISA device slot definitions to its own file to avoid copy &
pasting the same list to different drivers
* Updated MC146818 RTC for devcb2

-Added skeleton device for Mator SHARK (22 MB Winchester hard
disk for the Commodore PET). [Curt Coder, Mike Naberezny]

-Rename the bridge challenger 3 model 7014 driver from 'abc' to
'bridgec3', added pcb locations, notes, and better labels.
[Lord Nightmare]

-famicom: added support for loading/saving BASIC programs
from/to cassette. wav files supported only. [Fabio Priuli]

-nes.c: improvements and fixes to inputs [Fabio Priuli]
* simplified input reading
* moved most Famicom controllers to the expansion port (still
configurable in the Driver Config menu) because it is more
accurate and because it allows to use both the FC keyboard and the
controllers in BASIC games
* fixed NES paddle emulation which broke some years ago
* added FC paddle emulation, see Arkanoid and Chase HQ
* added Hori Twin Adapter with correct P3 & P4 Famicom protocol, see
e.g. four players games by Technos Japan
just a cleanup and the whatsnew entry for previous changes...

-nes.c: emulated microphone input for old famicom controller, as
detected by games (i.e. it only detects voice/no voice, while the
actual transmission of your voice to the speakers is not emulated). To
use it in games expecting you to blow or shout in the mic, select the
"Gamepad (Older Version)" as "P2 Controller" in the Driver
Configuration submenu, and press "6" when the game requires it.
[Fabio Priuli]

-nes.c: added emulation of the NES Power Pad controller, to be
enabled in Controller Port 2 through the Driver Configuration submenu,
and mapped by default on TY,FGHJ,BN keys for side A layout and
RTYU,FGHJ,VBNM keys for side B. [Fabio Priuli]

-MEK6800D2 : Added cassette interface, system listed as WORKING [Robbbert]

-nes.c: added emulation of the FC Family Trainer controller, to
be enabled in Expansion Port through the Driver Configuration submenu,
and mapped by default like the Power Pad. [Fabio Priuli]

-corvushd: Fixed physical sector calculation. [Mike Naberezny]

-snes.c: simplified input handling and made controller ports 16bits
wide, since this is the way they are accessed by our code.
[Fabio Priuli]

-snes.c: simplified input handling, moved the console specific
inputs to MESS driver and added preliminary Multitap support. Multitap
has to be enabled in the Driver Configuration menu. The code is
considered preliminary because some games recognize 4 pads (e.g.
Kunio-kun no Dodge Ball), other ones recognize 3 pads only (e.g. Super
Bomberman 3, 4 & 5) and some recognize 2 pads only (e.g. FIFA 96 and
97). [Fabio Priuli]

-Acorn System 1: added cassette [Robbbert]

-corvushd: Fixed log message. [Mike Naberezny]

-sms: Converted SMS inputs to use slot devices. You now select
controllers in the Slot Devices menu of the internal UI, not in the
Driver Configurations anymore. [Enik]

-bml3: split into three variants (bml3, bml3a and bml3b)
according to floppy disk support. Only bml3a (5.25" disk) is
considered working. [jedwidz]

-c64: Updated SwiftLink/Turbo232 settings. [Mike Naberezny]

-SNES SA-1 improvements [R. Belmont]
* S-CPU can properly write to SA-1 registers
* SA-1 CPU boots properly from its own vectors
* Interrupt controller implemented
* Message-passing registers and status flags hooked up

-SNES SA-1: fixed initial SA-1 status and added preliminary SA-1
to S-CPU IRQ. [R. Belmont]

-gameboy: converted the various LCD types (DMG, MGB, CGB...) to
be devices. [Fabio Priuli]

-pet: Fixed ROM signatures for Mator Shark hard drive. [Mike Naberezny]

-Fidelz80.c: rename vbc to vbrc, and noted that Fidelity Bridge
Challenger models VBRC and 7002 are two names for the same thing.
[Lord Nightmare, Cowering, Kevtris]

-apollo: fixed disk and tape DMA, improved logging [Hans Ostermeyer]

-ibm5170: Emulated the IBM Model F PC/AT 84-key keyboard. [Curt Coder, John Elliott]

-Apollo: fix out-of-bounds framebuffer access crash on OS X [Hans Ostermeyer]

-SNES SA-1 work: [Fabio Priuli, R. Belmont]
* Initial support for plain SA-1 DMA
* Fixed incorrect BWRAM banking
* Fixed SA-1 vectors to not blot out all banks
* Added S-CPU vector override
* Fire interrupt for CC type 1; this allows levelling up in SMRPG
(gfx not correct yet)

-bml3: Add stub variants bml3mk2 (for MB-6891) and bml3mk5 [jedwidz]
(for MB-6892). For now these behave the same as bml3
(MB-6890). Refactor disk controllers and kanji ROM as slot devices.
This allows switching between MP-1802 and MP-1805 disk controllers.
MP-1805 disk controller now works. Kanji ROM now works. Keyboard
scanning in 'counter disabled' mode now works.

-imgtool: Add bml3 driver, supporting both single-density (MP-1805 [jedwidz]
controller) and double-density (MP-1802 controller) disks in D88

-ibm5160: Emulated the IBM Model F PC/XT 83-key keyboard.
[Curt Coder, John Elliott]

-PDP1 : Fixed loading of paper tape, Spacewar works again [Robbbert]

-TX0 : Fixed paper tape reader [Robbbert]

-Fixes for building MESS with Visual Studio 2013 preview [smf]

-Vtech1 : fixed i/o error when reading disks. [Robbbert]

-vtech1: fixed i/o ports for vz300, laser310 allowing disk to work. [Robbbert]

-pc1640: Promoted to working with imperfect graphics, the
extended Paradise EGA-350 video modes are not supported yet.
[Curt Coder]

-sms.c: Converted TH line callbacks to use write_line. [Enik Land]

-Ensoniq 16-bit: better A/D parameter handling, allow panel
device to send new analog data. [Christian Brunschen]

-a7800.c - XM/XBoard POKEY support. 'Bentley Bear - Crystal Quest' &
'Donkey Kong XM' now work, while maintaining support for original
library titles, Commando and Ballblazer. [Robert Tuccitto]

-Mac updates: [R. Belmont]
* Corrected memory map errors with the SE and Classic
* Preliminary support for the SE's 68000 processor-direct slot
* Preliminary support for the Radius Full Page Display card which
goes in the SE PDS slot

-softbox: Added reset when IEEE-488 IFC is asserted. [Mike Naberezny]

Les builds sont disponibles avec MESSUI (voir plus haut).

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