Ce projet fait suite au projet de AloneCoder lui même basé sur le code créé par SMT, il est développé par deathsoft.
Il s’agit d’un émulateur ZX Spectrum conçu pour tourner sous Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7. Il porte le surnom de « Unreal » car il possède des fonctions que n’ont jamais eu les vrai Spectrum tel que : sauvegarder/chargement rapide, catpure d’écran, pause, accélération…


Nombreux changements :

@ Modified decoding kempston joystick and mouse ATM3
* Fixed tape traps, when you exit the procedure of reading the tape is stopped (lvd)
+ Added preset for ula for a green card scorpion (Faster)
! Fixed oboabotka flags and 3.5 memptr emulation Z80
+ In. Ini configuration file is added zx-spectrum 48k + tr-dos
* Fixed writing. Trd files (now written to the actual number of formatted tracks
true for drives with more than 80 tracks).
+ Added support for hardware scaling to an integer number of times through ddraw
(now on screens with an aspect ratio of 4:3 is not an emulator in full screen mode
will do masimalno possible scale, the rest of the screen will be drawn in black)
@ For computers such as automated job done ATM1/ATM2/ATM3/PROFI screen mode double
! Fixed a processing flags iff1/iff2 with read / write snapshots. Sna (Vitamin)
* Fixed handling of Clavey numpad in the debugger (psb)
@ Changed algorithm for determining processor speed
! Fix handling of csw (psb)


Télécharger UnrealSpeccy (deathsoft) v0.38.1 (1.8 Mo)

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