Madrigal sort aujourd’hui une nouvelle version de son simulateur de Pacman en version 4 ! A récuperer sur son site. A noter que pour déplacer son pacman, il faut laisser appuyé sur la direction en cours. Plus d’info sur ce jeu sur cette page.




August 26th, 2013
One more simulator has just been updated to the « Standard 4 », and again it’s yet another true classic electronic game… probably the most classic game of all: Pac Man!
Again: much much better and larger graphics (with even some VFD glow effect), bug-fixes and more detailed scans of the embedded instructions manual

Release S4/2.03 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)
Completely rewritten source code in order to do major optimizazions; designed
new graphics; updated to the new standard « S4 »; fixed several bugs which made
the application behave oddly when Pac Man ate ghosts.


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