Un émulateur de GameBoy N&B et color, Super GameBoy et GameBoy Advance créé par Mudlord (avec l’aide de Nach, Squall Leonhart, Spacy, DJRobX, Jonas Quinn) et basé sur VBA de Forgotten et de la « VBA development team ». Le but est de réunir un maximum d’améliorations en provenance des autres builds de VBA. Enfin le build ultime de VBA?

– r1201: Move the cpuDmaHack assignments into doDMA. (Fixes Croket 2 regression)
– r1200: Re-added the DMA Prefetch buffer. This fixes Phantasy Star Collection.
– r1199: another tom harder patch, fixing some warnings in the gvbam and wxvbam
– r1198: commiting Tim Harders patch for libav/ffmpeg
– r1197: bring branches into line fixes duke nukem on bgk-link and silences gcc warning on trunk ignore a few more files
– r1195: Fixed register used in asm.
– r1194: reduce new lines fix duke nukem cgb menu | in my limited testing this has not regressed any other games.
– r1193: dirty buildfix for linux, can do it properly later.
– r1192: Make the asm code increment lsl/lsr/asr rm by 4 if rm is pc. (ASM now passes the armwrestler MOV opcode test)
– r1191: Fix clock cycles in some arm/thumb opcodes. Implement missing ARM instruction used in the wstein.gba homebrew. Remove cpuDmaHack has it causes graphical glitches in Lufia and incorrectly handles unmapped reads.
– r1190: revert the > to >> change, fixes regression in loading ppmd 7z files.
– r1189: couldn’t just add a guy who’s contributed more in 3 days then anyone has in the last 3 years to the « Contributors » list ;D
– r1188: some small pvs warning fixes
– r1187: move around apu reset a bit, doesn’t seem to have broken anything
– r1185: Fix handling of unused memory when reading 16/8 bit data.
– r1184: Add missing ARM opcode variant strh (w=1) used in several homebrew gba demos (e.g. afire).
– r1181: removed /D_ST_MODEL/D_SECURE_SCL=0 %(AdditionalOptions) from the vcxproj its redundant in VS2010 and VS2012, and seems to be a source of build errors in VS2012 for some reason.
– r1180: Make 32bit read out of bounds not get rotated if they are unaligned.
– r1178: hopefully fixed unaligned reads correctly this time…
– r1176: Fix yet another oversight in the unaligned read code. Implemented missing thumb opcode (Which is invalid according to gbatek but Moto GP seems to use it)
– r1174: opps forgot to change change the unaligned 16bit rotate to check against old address.
– r1172: Fixed unaligned 16/32 bit reads.
– r1171: update to 2013
– r1170: fixed nasm props again
– r1167: commit this and see who complains?
– r1166: remove c_core from default preprocessors
– r1164: some changes to how SubWCRev works, resolving build issues when attempting to build from a source tar and adding it back to dependencies. also deletes the wx build folder because its not going going anywhere fast on windows.
– r1163: more improvements to gba-arm by Normmatt
– r1162: lets commit the right version of the arm patch this time eh.
– r1161: Applied fixes to NormMatts r1150 fixes – V-Rally 3 working again Re-added nasm.props to vs2008 build folder + changes to nasm.rules for spaces in paths.
– r1160: implement ALL of abhoriels patch correctly.
– r1159: GBA: Revert r1150 since it adds artifacts in (at least) V-Rally 3
– r1158: NLS: Update translations from Transifex
– r1157: NLS: Apply native endlines SVN properties
– r1156: GTK: Apply patch #3524058 – Auto-load/save cheats
– r1155: GTK: Updated the .desktop file to validate
– r1154: GTK: Fix « #3598672 – emulated system option in gvbam changes by itself in Linux »
– r1153: GBA: Fix build
– r1151: commit abhoriels RSBS and RSCS patch
– r1150: patch to correct some behavior in arm tests.


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