QMC2 – M.A.M.E./M.E.S.S est une interface graphique pour l’émulateur de jeux d’arcade M.A.M.E. Il est le successeur d’une des premières interfaces graphiques UNIX pour M.A.M.E. : QMamecat, et est aujourd’hui le projet le plus actif dans le domaine. QMC2 repose sur l’utilisation de la bibliothèque graphique Qt4. QMC2 s’avère judicieux en complément d’UME 🙂


– fix: demo- & arcade-mode setup dialogs: corrected driver status filter order
– fix: corrected item selection in favorites and play-history when restoring the game/machine selection
– fix: corrected device and BIOS set filtering for category- and version-views
– fix: QMC2 Arcade: worked around a weird issue on some GTK environments (which may implicitly set a buggy default style causing start-up crashes) by explicitly setting a safe built-in Qt style
– fix: QMC2 Arcade: corrected the path that’s used when loading images from a ZIP
– fix: software-list: don’t trigger an unwanted search during the loading phase
– fix: reopen/remap the currently selected joystick (if any) after scanning the available sticks
– imp: ROMAlyzer: improved logging when CHDs can’t be found
– imp: variant launcher on Linux/UNIX: added fallback to the current working directory for launching QMC2 variant binaries
– imp: implemented a generalized solution for ‘MinimizeOnVariantLaunch’ and ‘MinimizeOnEmuLaunch’ which also saves/restores the current window states of all top-level widgets
– imp: QMC2 Arcade: added a ‘-language’ command line option (using the main GUI’s setting as the default, which is now customizable from within arcade themes as well)
– imp: QMC2 Arcade / ToxicWaste theme: the flip direction (cabinet <=> game-card) now adapts to where the user clicks on the ‘flippable’ item (left/right half of vertical center area vs. top/bottom area), the back-end default options are customizable from within the theme, the quit confirmation is optional now and the image-class shown in the cabinet can be selected on the game-card
– imp: suppress the initial ROM state filtering when no states or BIOS / device sets have been disabled (this speeds up loading in many cases), also do not run the actual filter when an individual set’s ROM state is checked and doesn’t change
– imp: slightly improved the loading performance for cached XML data and all dat-info sources
– imp: added support for Qt 5.1, however, the recommended Qt version remains 4.8 (when Qt 5 is used, the build rules will automatically disable embedder functionality on X11 platforms as well as all Phonon features on all platforms — new implementations using QtMultimedia as replacement for Phonon and a rewrite of the embedder code will most likely be done at a later stage
– imp: MAME/MESS/UME emulator templates updated to 0.150
– imp: ROMAlyzer: changed file-status indication slightly, using capital letters for good and lower letters for bad states
– imp: added mamedb.com and progettoemma.net as additional MAWS sources and made progettoemma.net the new default URL
– imp: MESS device configurator: renamed available device configurations to stored device configurations and simplified some tool-tips accordingly
– imp: emulator control panel: exchanged LED on/off icons with fancier ones and added a third LED column
– imp: more SDL joystick related logging
– new: added display of software-state info as ‘combined statistics’ to the software-list widget (similar to the stats-label used for the game/machine list)
– new: QMC2 Arcade / ToxicWaste theme: added support for displaying emulator- and game-infos on the game-card and for manual vs. automatic cabinet scaling/positioning
– new: added ‘tagged only’ and ‘favorites only’ filter options to the arcade- and demo-mode setup dialogs
– new: added optional support for additional image formats for all kinds of artwork
 – doc: added (preliminary) man-pages for all binaries
– inf: globally renamed the ‘XML game/machine list cache’ to just ‘XML data cache’
– imp: template-map check: switched the order in which differing default values are logged (the expected value is shown first now, the second value is the one from the currently active template)


Télécharger QMC2 (x86) v0.40 (28.2 Mo)

Télécharger QMC2 (x64) v0.40 (31.5 Mo)

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