Laser est un émulateur Multi Arcade disponible pour plusieurs plates-formes. Il utilise le code du Z80 et du 6502 de Marat Fayzullin. Il est basé sur SinVader de Mike Green. Après neuf années sans nouvelle, le voici enfin de retour.



I went through and tried to get some of the games that
I commented out in the last release working. The games
that were disabled but are now supported are:

Ozma Wars (Set 2)
Solar Fight
Space Invaders (SV Version Set 1)
Space Invaders (SV Version Set 2)
Space Invaders (TV version)
Space Invaders Part Four

In addition, there are some newly added games as well:

Cosmic Monsters 2
Indian Battle
Yosaku To Donbei (Set 2)
Ultra Invaders

35 romsets are supported (see README for a full list).


Télécharger Laser v1.02 (573.8 Ko)

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