Madrigal vient de sortir une nouvelle version de ce simulateur. Son « What’s new.txt » permet de constater que sa passion pour les simulateurs est toujours intacte même après une bonne décennie 🙂


Today is a good day for releasing new stuff…
I’m releasing a new, fully redesigned version of a not-so-popular handheld,
which is a great one indeed! An LCD version of the classic game for
Intellivision: Dungeons & Dragons!

As usual: enhanced graphics and sound, bug-free routines, high-resolution
instructions manual, fully operable on a PC-arcade cabinet, and even a
« hidden » cheat-mode. Here’s a comparison between the previously available
version, and the new one (look at attached image!)




September 30th, 2013 – Release S4/1.02 (Standard 4, complete rewrite)
Completely rewritten source code in order to do major optimizazions; designed
new graphics; enhanced the « cheat mode »; updated to the new standard « S4 ».

March 28th, 2001 – Release S3/1.01 (Standard 3, final)
New standard: totally rewritten sound routines; Fmod sound library 3.31 added;
small bug-fixes and audio settings saving routines.


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