Nouvelle version de cet émulateur de NES.


– MMC3A and MMC3C are now full implemented.
– Fixed a bug in MMC3 code and now the status bar in Mickey’s Safari in Letterland is displayed correctly.
– Added an option in the Audio Settings that enables the sound output of a early Famicom-clone consoles (swaps the duty cycles 25% and 50%).
– Fixed a bug introduced in a previous version that did not allow the start of the « Batman – Return of the Joker ».
– Added support for Windows 8.
– Added CLI option « –portable » for run puNES in portable mode (is no longer necessary to rename the executable even if it is still possible to do so for backwards compatibility).
– Fixed the display of the parameters of the command line in the Windows version.



Télécharger puNES (x64) v0.69 (752.8 Ko)

Télécharger puNES D3D9 (x86) v0.102 (8,9 Mo)

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