Il s’agit d’une interface graphique destiné à HyperLaunch.


  – Added support for fully configuring Bezel.ini and Global Bezel.ini files (Bezel and Instruction  Card configurations)
  – Added support for Bezel and Instruction Card profiles
  – PCLauncher module editor – SteamID field is now automatically filled when adding a new game as long as you have the proper SteamAppId attribute filled in for that game in the database file
  – Fixed bug in module editor form where games were still being launched even if the form was closed pressed
  – System Audit Screen – Alt+L now launches the selected game
  – Fixed bug in ISD/INI validator when validating ISD files with system specific sections
  – Added support for « use_global » in the Hotkey Editor (required for the new bezel and IC keys)
  – Added support for JoyToKey custom named profiles
  – Changed JoyToKey keymapper to support the new profiles folder structure


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