Un « autre » émulateur de NES, tout simplement !


  • Now you have the option to change between Direct3d 9 and DirectDraw
  • States Saved to disk. Yanese will create /savestates dir and save the states for each rom there. There are 4 slots.
  • 2 joypad support.
  • Added File-> Rescan Rom path. You don’t need to restart to fill the rom list.
  • Rom UI removed .nes extension. Only the game name is shown now.
  • When the emu has the focus it will prevent the Screen Saver and Monitor Power to get active.
  • Fixed/Changed other bugs.



Télécharger Yanese (x86) v0.10 (81.3 Ko)

Télécharger Yanese (x64) v0.89 (489,6 Ko)

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