MAMEUIFX est basé sur le code source de MAME/MAMEUI, emprunte des améliorations à de nombreux builds non officiels (en vrac : StretchMAME, JMAME, RND, AdvanceMAME, CANAME, WHACK…).


– Added support for ENGLISH COMMAND.DAT in the GUI
(Still preliminary, it’s displayed in « INFOS » panel and distributed with the executable)
– Improved inputs in MR.DO’S NIGHTMARE and fixed warning at game startup [MAMEUIFX Forum, robbbert]
– Included SVN R25502 (NMK16.C video improvements) [haze]
– Included SVN R25541 (HLSL and VECTOR games fixes) [hap]



Télécharger MAMEUIFX32 v0.150 (15.8 Mo)

Télécharger MAMEUIFX64 v0.175.1 (18,4 Mo)

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