Appelé également Gens Movie, il s’agit d’une version de Gens (basé sur la version 2.12a) permettant d’enregistrer vos parties sous l’émulateur. Le build a été fait par notre camarade kof2112, merci à lui.


M68k Disassemble refactoring:
– removed « %c » and 0 in each sprintf
– two copies of disassemble functions merged into one.
– some size calculations fixed (Size_2), caused by priority of + and &


Slight cleanup of Take_Shot_AVI calls. Embedding UpdateFrame() right into AVI dumping function doesn’t work. Archive.bat doesn’t delete anything now.


– Custom build step added into Debug configuration.
– Some fixes of 32X video modes. As result: Motocross Championship (32X) is working now.
– New shadow highlight color scheme.
– XRay effect disabled, but it still exists in « Color Adjust ».
– Fixed runtime warning about autofix checksum.
– vdp_rend32.asm removed, it was backup file.



– some fixes


Télécharger Gens Rerecording v2.12 Movie 11c SVN 333 (1.4 Mo)

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