Nouvelle version de Patch Mame, une version proposant divers fixes et autres options en plus de Mame classique. Disponible sous forme de source uniquement, en voici les améliorations:

-Can be compiled for DOS/WIN/WIN32
– Everything from MAME 0.63 (PatchMAME32 based on latest MAME32 0.63.1)
– Usual fixes from M*A*S*H, support for mameinfo.dat and history.dat
– Fixed some CRC in romsets accordingly to latest Logiqx’s datfile (I hope so)
– Support for the fixed sound rom in Strider
– Better discrete sound emulation in the firetrk.c driver [DerrickRenaud] (included for testing purposes). Please give him some feedback.
– Latest inputs and dipswitches fixes from Stephh
– Support for fully decrypted Neo-Geo romsets and homebrew games, gambling games (including Super Derby) & Multi-Pac games
– The famous ‘Kung-Fu Johnny’ Hack from Smitdogg is here (a Shao-Lin’s Road hack), yo 😉
– Some clones of existing MAME games
– 2 more games from Esmame: Mine Sweeper and Vantris (runs on Vanguarde hardware)
– Reimplemented the « phosphorescent decay » effect (Windows build only). Try it with vector games, e.g . StarWars
– Pong not included 😉

Vous pouvez le télécharger ici.

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