Raine est un émulateur Arcade. Conçu à l’origine pour émuler « Rainbow Islands », il supporte maintenant un paquet de jeux basés sur du hardware « Taito », « Jaleco » et bien d’autres encore. Il émule également la NeoGeo CD depuis que le projet NeoRaine a été intégré dans Raine.

Beaucoup moins gourmand que Mame, Raine s’avère une excellente alternative. Il inclut également un pack de shaders au format glsl compatible avec celui disponible pour Higan.


Post de l’auteur :

Ok, finally here is the beginning of 0.63. For now it doesn’t have all the neogeo games yet, but since there are now more than 1000 arcade games emulated, I thought it was enough to make a release (1016 games reported by -gl).
Except that a few fixes went in again, like a better cold boot, yet another improvement for the kof94 neocd « how to fight », memory cards for neogeo get « -neogeo » in their names to avoid to overwrite neocd memcards, the cheat codes were converted from neocd to the arcade version for mslug and mslug2, and a big improvement to speed hacks during raster frames which allows to have them again as a yes/no choice instead of a frequency as in last version.
Also there is a serious fix about corrupted hiscores which can make a game unplayable, in mslug you can start in an empty 1st level with such corrupted hiscores. It shouldn’t happen anymore now, but if you have a doubt you can always delete your .hi files from the savedata directory.
I guess thanks go to mer-curious for his bug reports which improve the quality of the emulation, even though some of these reports make me crazy sometimes !

There are some more things planned for 0.63, but I needed a break here !
Ah yes, among the neogeo games added : I thought irrmaze would be too easy with a real mouse instead of a trackball, well try it, and you’ll see ! The mouse isn’t even too sensitive, it feels perfect, it’s just the game which is crazy !
And popbounc refuses to read the mouse, it seems to take only keyboard input for now, I don’t know why.


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