Un émulateur d’Oric 1/Atmos et Telestrat écrit en C et utilisant SDL.


* Pravetz Dos-8D disk support <iss>
* Better Pravetz emulation <iss>
* Telestrat now basically working
* Fixed some rendering issues in the debugger
* Now defaults to no joystick instead of IJK
* Some minor fixes in the joystick code
* Support for .ort files from commandline <stefan h>
* Commandline options for turbotape, lightpen and
* On windows, error messages now pop up in a message box
* Textattrs are now properly reset at the start of each line again
* Better telestrat VIA display in the debugger <stefan h>
* Fixed backslash key <stefan h>
* Various improvements to the build system <stefan h/revolf/iss>
* 8-bit display mode for low-end systems
* Various optimisations


Télécharger Oricutron v1.0 (1.1 Mo)

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