Tout simplement un superbe émulateur de Sinclair ZX Spectrum tournant sous Windows. Il est écrit entièrement en Visual Basic. En voici les améliorations:

– vbSpec can now write TAP files as well as reading them.
– New « Save Binary… » menu option to save any area of addressable memory as a raw binary file (potentially useful for debugging and disassembling games).
– Now supports « Amiga 2- Button Mouse in Kempston Joystick port ».
This method of adding mouse support to a spectrum is very popular within the Russian demo scene.
– The « Kempston Mouse Interface » support had transposed left and right mouse buttons. Now fixed.
– Some optimisation. Including a faster DAA routine (let’s see if anyone ever notices!).
– Fixed a nasty bug that sometimes caused invalid Z80 snapshots to be saved.

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Télécharger VbSpec 1.80 (2.9 Mo)

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