Une interface graphique pour émulateur en ligne de commande comme Mame, Mess et Nestopia.


Les fonctionnalités sont les suivantes:


– Configuration menu for easy configuration of most settings.
– Fully scriptable display layouts written in the Squirrel programming language.
– Includes the « Attrac-Man » layout, a playable Pacman-inspired game that unfolds around the edges of your game menu. Frontend controls can be mapped to any joystick, keyboard or mouse input.
– User configurable sounds and ambient music.
– Display images, videos and information related to specific games.
– Supports screen rotation and flipping (including auto-rotation).
– Filter game lists based on specific attributes.
– Automatically generate game lists from directory contents.
– Import game information from MAME/MESS -listxml and -listsoftware commands.
– Catver.ini and nplayers.ini file support.
– Unicode character (UTF-8) support.
– Configurable screensaver.


attracmode1 attracmode2



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