Un émulateur de Commodore C65 qui fut un prototype et qui ne fut jamais vendu officiellement par Commodore.



– Fixed a bug in the function that loads the configuration: if a configuration file was not found, the program used to crash; now instead it creates a default configuration file.
– Rewrote the part of the PRINT function that deals with numbers, to make it display non-integers correctly.
– Modified the functions that work on non-integers so that they use doubles instead of floats, to increase precision.
– Made a major overhaul to the Windows frontend, which now allows you to write and modify BASIC 10 programs directly, instead of relying on an external text editor. The GUI of the frontend is now different too, more complete and professional. To reflect the change, the name of the frontend is now Hi65 Edit and Launch Tool.



Télécharger Hi65 v3.0 (1.2 Mo)

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