Un joli frontend pour mame (ou autres), très configurable et souvent mis à jour. Emu Loader est une interface graphique qui se greffe principalement sur les émulateurs arcade comme MAME, SEGA Model 2, SuperModel, Daphne. L’interface permet de gérer votre collection de roms, de vérifier vos jeux et de lancer vos émulateurs.


– Proper support for UME emulator. EL was not looking for « ume.ini » file when reading emulator settings. Sorry for that folks…


– Delete/rename image dialog updated with a cleaner interface and more details
– System icon / game icon layout changed in a few screens. Using two 68×68 icons was a bit weird. There’s still room for improvement
– Buttons size are back to standard 87×23 pixels
Game details screen rewrite. Made several tweaks and removed redundant info
– Section « Device ROMs » removed. Kinda pointless since you have this info in the « Game Files » section
– Merged set info text moved from list to the « gamename » text, below game title
– Game files info now show a « (.zip; .7z) » text if the system supports 7-Zip file format (only when file not found)



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