Créé à l’origine par YopYop, ce projet est maintenant poursuivi par la Team DeSmuME:

L’équipe regroupe: Guillaume Duhamel, Normmatt, Bernat Muñoz (shash), thoduv, Tim Seidel (Mighty Max), Pascal, Giard (evilynux), Ben Jaques (masscat), Jeff Bland, Riccardo Magliocchetti, Max Tabachenko (CrazyMax), zeromus, Luigi__, adelikat, matusz, pa__.

Aidé par Allustar, amponzi, Anthony Molinaro, ape, Damien Nozay (damdoum), delfare, Romain, Vallet, snkmad, Theo Berkau.
Il s’agit de la suite la plus directe du projet original.


 – enh: break savestate back-compatibility
 – bug: improve save size autodetection for some games
 – bug: cpu: fix many basic jit cpu bugs
 – bug: 3d: tweak softrasterizer edge marking
 – bug: 3d: fix stale 4×4 texture palettes
 – bug: fix some GPU sprite blending scenarios
 – bug: fix bios HLE BitUnPack, UnCompHuffman
 – enh: modular slot-1 device system, emulate GC bus more faithfully
 – enh: support NAND slot-1 device
 – enh: auto-detect appropriate slot-1 and slot-2 device
 – enh: many revisions to firmware boot process for more authenticity. iQue and FlashME versions function, .dfc rewritten.
 – enh: support streaming NDS file from disk (like an ISO, to avoid long initial load time)
 – enh: run .dsv directly on disk, to save long flushing times. should speed backup operations.
 – enh: spu synch mode and method on commandline
 – bug: fixes to advanscene DB import
 – bug: save opengl display method filter option
 – bug: general bugfixes to various screen layout modes
 – enh: add option to stop non-integer scaling during fullscreen or maximize
 – enh: improvements to save import dialog
 – enh: improved memory viewer tool
 – enh: operate better when run, against our advice, from a zipfile
 – enh: add slot-1 Nitro Filesystem viewer tool


 – bug: fix slot1-R4 path saving
 – bug: fix bug with mic samples < 16khz
 – bug: fix bugs and enhancements in multi display windows
 – bug: fix handling of some joystick analog inputs
 – enh: save display windows configuration and emulation speed on app exit



Télécharger DeSmuME (x86) v0.9.11 (1,1 Mo)

Télécharger DeSmuME (x64) v0.9.11 (1,8 Mo)

Télécharger DeSmuME (No SSE2) v0.9.11 (1,1 Mo)

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