Il s’agit d’un ensemble de shaders réunis dans un fichier à mettre dans le répertoire Dolphin-> \Sys\Shaders de votre émulateur. Dans ce fichier (éditable à la main avec Notepad++ ou des UltraEdit et cie) ont y trouve les effets graphiques suivants:


– HQ FXAA (Fast Approximate Anti Aliasing)
– NFAA (Normal Filter Anti Aliasing)
– High Pass Bloom
– Per-Channel Gamma Correction
– Scene Tone Mapping
– RGB Colour Correction
– S-Curve Contrast Enhancement
– Texture Sharpening
– Toon Shader
– Bicubic & Bilinear Filtering


Les changements sont les suivants:


-Added a simple Scanline effect, as requested. For those who like that effect in 2D/sprite oriented games, etc.
-Slightly improved FXAA's edge detection, for better coverage. Also a small increase in performance.
-Slightly improved Gaussian filtering, & NFAA's Bilinear filtering.
-Texture Sharpening: added the option to use Luminance, or color based edge detection.
-Improved Bloom's output blend slightly.
-Updated options commenting a bit, again. Also included small postfix on AA, to indicate if the technique is better for 2D, or 3D.
-Various small coding improvements overall.
-Added Gaussian-based fullscreen filtering, for testing.
-Added Pixel Vibrance adjustment.
-Small updates/improvements to existing effects.
-Various small coding improvements.
-Updated options section layout, and document commenting.


Télécharger DolphinFX v1.30 (10.5 Ko)

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