Le premier émulateur de Sega Model 3 créé par Bart Trzynadlowski, Ville Linde et Stefano Teso dans sa version de développement.


Some updates to Supermodel made at beginning of the year but only now got around to checking in (better late than never…):
– hooked up the remaining controls in Supermodel (except for Magical Truck Adventure which does not work at all yet). The new controls are:
* InputAnalogJoyTrigger2 and InputAnalogJoyEvent2 for the additional second trigger and event buttons that were missing from Star Wars Trilogy,
* InputRearBrake and InputMusicSelect for the rear brake and music selection buttons that were missing from Harley Davidson,
* InputAnalogGunXXX, InputAnalogTriggerXXX, InputAnalogGunXXX2 and InputAnalogTriggerXXX2 for the analogue guns of Ocean Hunter and LA Machineguns (NOTE: these controls must be calibrated in the games’ service menus otherwise they will not work properly. Also, the alignment of the gun cursor does not line up very well with the mouse position at the moment, but at least the games are a bit more playable now, although still with numerous graphical glitches…)

* InputSkiXXX for the controls of Ski Champ, making the game playable now.
– hooked up existing InputViewChange control to Harley Davidson’s view change button
– improved the handling of InputGearShiftUp/Down inputs so that they work better with the driving games. With Dirt Devils, ECA, Harley and LeMans this means they map directly to the game’s own shift up/down controls, while with the 4-speed games such as Daytona 2, Scud Racer and Sega Rally 2, they simulate the user shifting up and down through the gears
– added defaults for the new controls to Supermodel.ini

– other small code tweaks:
* fix small bug with handling of pos/neg inputs mapping to a control with inverted range (0XFF to 0x00) – this was needed to get Ski Champ’s X-axis to work properly
* removed Wait method from InputSystem and added to CThread as CThread::Sleep instead
* added FrameTimings struct to hold all frame timings in a single place


No networking code yet as just haven’t had a chance to work on it since initial progress at the beginning of the year – am *hoping* might have some time to pick it up again over Christmas…


Télécharger SuperModel WIP (x86/x64) v0.3a r271 (1.1 Mo)

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