Un émulateur de NES pour windows et linux.


Rewrite the GUI for the input configuration that now are more user friendly (at least for me). I’ve eliminated the check on the conflicts and if you want (for some reason) use the same keyboard/joystick configuration for all players, now you can (for me it was very useful to do so).

– Added an option to permit « Up+Down » and « Left+Right ».
– Added the support for 4 players (Famicom and Four Score).
I forgot to add support for the roms with the trainer. Done. Now even the rom « Dragon Ball – Shen Long no Nazo (J) [hM34] [T + Eng1.11_TransBRC] » works.


Télécharger puNES (x86) v0.74 (706.4 Ko)

Télécharger puNES D3D9 (x64) v0.102 (9,5 Mo)

En savoir plus…