Il s’agit d’un ensemble de shaders réunis dans un fichier à mettre dans le répertoire Dolphin-> \Sys\Shaders de votre émulateur. Les nouveautés sont:

-FXAA has now been completed.
FXAA: now has accurate alpha calculations, the algorithm is now based on full alpha-based luma detection. Previously It would only output correctly in Dolphin, using the green component as luma.
FXAA: added early exit pathing. [luma edge detection, and fullscreen anti aliasing].
FXAA: due to the above alpha changes, subpixel detection is improved, you are now accurately able to use 0.0 FxaaSubpixMax to achieve a completely edge-only based anti aliasing, with no visible blurring whatsoever.
-NFAA: updated & improved NFAA texture tapping, and samples, the settings have slightly altered because of this. (I’m considering just removing NFAA tbh. It’s a bit redundant, and inferior to the HQ FXAA in general)
-Gaussian Filtering: texture taps have been improved and slightly reworked, with slightly improved offsetting also.
-Blended Bloom: slightly improved the bloom blend output.
Blended Bloom: reworked BloomMixType 3. Mixing coefficients are now based on alpha values instead of the r component. produces better results.
Blended Bloom: improved the blending power of the bloom glow, it now produces nicer results. new options are [0 or 1].
Blended Bloom: added the option BloomLift, which adds the option of extra y axis offsetting to the bloom blend. Can increase the prominence of light reflecting on objects.
-Texture Sharpening: Updated, and slighly improved the 9-tap sampling, and bias.
Texture Sharpening: removed the option to use color for edge calculations. It wasn’t working as well as I thought, and was inferior to luma detection.
-Cel Shading: Toon shading has been completely rewritten, and is now called Cel Shading (not 100% accurate, as I don’t have lighting, and depth info, but it’s the best I can do with the limitations I have.). Using RGB & YUV luminance calculations with rounded blending of color components.
Cel Shading: Improved Cel edge calculations, and output.
Cel Shading: new options are as follows: EdgeStrength, EdgeFilter, EdgeThickness, PaletteType, UseYuvLuma, LumaConversion, ColorRounding. See in-shader documentation commenting for info on each.
-Scanlines: updated, and improved scanlines a bit, also reworked, and added some new options.
-Fixed some luminance, & clamping issues with various effects.
-Removed the f suffix on floating point values.
-Reordered the pseudo pass order of the main, for better merging of effects.
-Various other small coding improvements.



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