Un gestionnaire de roms avec une interface aussi claire que Romcenter et axé sur la simplicité avec un nombre limité de fonctions. Une référence désormais.

L’immense avantage de ce manager est de pouvoir scanner n’importe quel repertoire de roms , en VRAC & ensuite -en fonction de ce que vous avez comme dats- de les ranger et replacer automatiquement. (très utile si vous avez des tonnes de dats (TOSEC). Il vous permet réellement de collectionner des centaines de collections avec un gain de temps considérable par rapport aux autres managers. Il convertit également les zips au format Torrentzip afin de faciliter le partage à travers les fichiers torrent.




GordonJ informe également de la nécessité de s’enregistrer par email, les « crash reports » sont ainsi envoyés automatiquement, ce qui permet à celui-ci de travailler dessus et résoudre les problèmes. Astucieux !


Les changements :

Merry Chirstmas
After a lot of work and testing over the last few months I have decided it is time to release 2.1 of ROMVault.
The big new feature of 2.1 is CHD file support. You will need to have chdman.exe in the same directory as RomVault21.exe for the full CHD support to work.
But there have been many more smaller fixes and improvements made, such as continuing to scan passed locked files. (Files locked by other applications accessing them.)
There is also improvements made to the ZIP reading code, that should be compatible with a few more rare zip formats.

What is NOT yet in ROMVault 2.1 is 7Z support, I started adding 7Z support and got a long way into it, but then started running into problems with the way the fixing core was working with 7Z. So for now the 7Z code is not in this release,
I instead worked a lot on trying to get the exisiting code as stable as I could.

So before I get into another big development cycle to rework the core for 7Z I wanted to get a release out now as I belive it is a lot better than the current 2.0.10 code.
There are a couple of strange crashes I see once in a while, and so this version has some improved error logging so I hope to get these tracked down soon.

A few other notes:
The cache file has changed in this release, so your old cache files will not work!! You will have to re-scan all of your files with this release!!
ROMVault 2.1 will make a new cache file called: RomVault2_7.Cache (This is actually my internal version 7 of this cache file, so that explains the 2_7)

If ROMVault does crash is does send me a log of the crash report, this has helped me track down many bugs in the past, this is also why I ask you to enter your name and email before using ROMVault for the first time.
This way I can contact you back to try and find out more details about crashes I see.


Télécharger RomVault v2.1.18 (923.0 Ko)

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