La dernière version de RockNES pour Windows !!!


 – Fixed a timing problem with SPRDMA and DMC DMA.
 – Added a basic motion blur filtering.
 – Added a new palette from NESdev, looks accurate, enabled by default.
 – Proper program startup with default settings.
 – Blocked RESET when a movie is active (a warning will pop up).
 – Fixed frames per second display in windowed mode.
 – Fixed a problem with screen blitting, plus switching blitters is even easier.
 – Keyboard polling optimized a bit.
 – Minor fixes in the GUI, windows are now closed properly.
 – Fixed APU savestate restoration.
 – Fixed some savestate tags.
 – Fixed VS System « insert coin », just hold F8 and release it.
 – Added NSF savestate tagged block.
 – RSx savestate file updated to version 6, old ones are not compatible.
 – Documentation updated.


Télécharger RockNES (i686) v5.11 (1.6 Mo)

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