Il s’agit d’une interface graphique destiné à HyperLaunch.


  * Added support for the new Keymapper_FrontEnd_Profile key which has been moved to the main
    HyperLaunch.ini file
  * Removed toolbars from inside the scrollviewers so that they will be always visible even at
    lower resolutions
  * Added new button on each tab that will show an overlay on top of each component showing the
    respective current global setting. Press Esc to close it. Only available in the Settings tab
    at this point
  * Fixed problem with large number of rom paths defined for a system. Data is not being truncated
  * Added support for Long data types in ISD files. Needed for SteamID in PCLauncher
  * Added support for the new Block_Input ini key
  * Added support for new ISD keyType : ProcessName
  * Added support for detecting running processes automatically for keys where key type is ProcessName
    (Applicable to AppWaitExe on PCLauncher)
  * Added the ability to launch the associated emulator from within the modules panel (for emulator
    configuration purposes)
  * Added support for new  Error_Level_Reporting ini key
  * Made the Grid Splitter for the systems list collapsible with a single click
  * Added new setting to change the size of the icons in the main tabs (Change it under the HLHQ Settings
    tab). These last 2 features should help those users in lower resolution monitors a bit


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