La dernière version béta publique de l’excellent WinUAE.


– « Strange right edge overscan display shift » adjusted, in some situations it was visible when it shouldn’t have been. Looks also correct in NTSC mode now (Sawtooth pattern caused by alternating line lengths)
– OCS Agnus requires one cycle between sprite DMA and bitplane DMA, ECS Agnus can have both cycles back to back. This means OCS Agnus will only fetch first sprite word (practically making sprite useless) where ECS Agnus can fetch both.
– Rarely during heavy interrupt activity in cycle-exact mode some delayed interrupt register set or clear operation may have been lost causing possible spurious interrupt.
– lea (d8,An,Xn) prefetch is last operation, not idle cycle.
– 68020 CE mode CAS instruction prefetch was broken.
– When UAE boot ROM is enabled, add fake autoconfig board (configdev) that has same board address and size as boot ROM. Allows MMU utilities (mmu libraries, enforcer etc..) to mark boot ROM as valid address space without extra command line parameters.
– Partially rewritten horizontal Agnus bitplane state machine. Can (as usual) break something..
– When BPLCON1 matches, only copy enabled planes to shift registers. (Back In 90 / Samplers)
– Power led didn’t turn off after soft reset.
– Added sprite-only linetoscr routines, bordersprites and HAM do not mix well. (Satyanarayanan / Scoopex)
– AGA and 64-bit fetch modes: last 16 or so pixels were not flushed to display, depending on BPLCON1 value. (Satyanarayanan / Scoopex)
– New (still WIP) modern native library interface merged from FS-UAE.
– Added LSI 53C895A SCSI chip emulation from QEMU. Lots of changes to make it 53C710 compatible (53C720 and later have multiple registers changes but SCRIPTS code is fortunately backwards compatible) A4091 and A4000T NCR driver now « work », chip init works, returns timeout error (no device connected) when it tries to detect SCSI devices. Do not connect any drives, it does not work yet.
– pdk compressed (or dsq) files always unpacked to Amiga DD floppy size.
– Keyboard leds lost sync in some situations.

– Display emulation last horizontal position (plfright) was not correctly updated, caused all kinds of bad side-effects, including non-immediate/non-ce blitter taking seconds to finish.


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