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– Supports any program that you can run from the command line; it doesn’t even have to be an emulator
– You can see the configuration file here: http://pastebin.com/zZTXxRG2
– It’s very easy to launch any program from this emulator; it’s very flexible and easy to manage
– Snapshots
– Fully playable mini-game built into the frontend; George and the R-Type ship can kill each other
– Shutdown and restart computer (for cabinets)
– 15khz / 640×480 support for arcade monitors
– Widescreen and 4:3 support for newer displays in any configuration at or above 1080p
– 120hz support for high refresh rate G-Sync monitors
– Customizable controls
– Supports XP64, Vista, 7, and 8
– Requires .NET 4 (4.5 is best)


Télécharger Big Blue Frontend (29,9 Mo)

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