MedGui Reborn est une interface (Frontend) pour Mednafen sur OS Windows.


– Added Youtube per game video search
– Changed Boxart downloader (Now will perform a webrequest to retrieve pic image dimension) to perform a brutal download of downloaded bad picture
– Many bug fix
– Added a « Color Palette Maker » with any presets for only GB rom (not GBC), the button are located in GB setting tab.
* Palette presets folder are located into MedGuiR/palettes
* To make your palette presets in txt format you must use RGB RGB RGB RGB value in hex format Example nomenclature for old FB rapresentation: 9bbc0f 8bac0f 306230 0f380f


Inclus la version dédiée à Mednafen 0.9.33.


Télécharger MedGui Reborn v0.047 (7,0 Mo)

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