Il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Amstrad CPC (et compatibles) pour Windows.


– Gate array : MMR Corrected : If a 128k config is set, only 128k are available.
– Gate array : Corrected access to MMR and MMR through PAL
– Gate array : Mode 3 is handled
– Monitor : Change the function used for adjustement on HSync : Use a square root instead of a log, to make some demos more stable (« Camembert 4″ demo for example)
– Timings : Adjust some timings for out command. « From scratch » demo now display correct colours at the correct place
– FDC : Reset is (really) fixed. It no longer set the FDC in a state that prevent it to be used
– FDC : Add delay during track change
– General : Load the Xinput lib in the code, to avoir non runing app on some XP systems.
– General : Screenshot option added
– General : Speed limit is more configurable, from 50% to no-limit
– General : Some code optimisations
– General : Screen size can change (from « full PAL display » to « standard CPC screen »)
– General : Directories problems have been solved. It is now possible to drag’n’drop dsk file to a sugarbox shortcut (or to associate dsk with sugarbox)
– Sound : Volume slider added
– Sound : Mute option added
– Sound : Record is flushed, so the file is not only written at the end of the recording
– GUI : Current track number is displayed
– GUI : Add a « scanline » option
– GUI : Add nice icon for sound and disks
– GUI : Added Screenshot, settings and reset icons
– Startup : Associating « dsk » with sugarbox offer the possibilitty to load disk directly


Télécharger SugarBox v0.17 beta (499,8 Ko)

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