Depuis 2000, La collection TOSEC est un des plus grand projets existants de préservation des roms & isos (avec, Gamebase & Trurip).


TOSEC Status

Last Release
date: 2014-02-28
dats: 2,265
sets: 616,203
roms: 722,008
size: 4.36 TB

dats: 1,296

dats: 160

dats: 809


The Old School Emulation Center

Hello, and welcome to a brand new TOSEC release!

Lots of work continues on Commodore. Many thanks once again to the tireless
efforts of Crashdisk, mai, Duncan Twain and Vicman. We also have some nice new
additions from mictlantecuhtle and lots of SHA-1 corrections from Cassiel.

On the ISO side, Maddog has updated the Sega Dreamcast and NAOMI.

On the PIX side, Aral and friends have contributed a huge number of new and
updated DATs.

Many thanks to everyone who has contributed new images or offered any error
reports. Even though not all of these have been actioned/added to this release,
we promise to get to all these just as soon as possible! Your continued support
is genuinely appreciated.

All folders and contents should be self explanatory. All necessary CUEs are also
included. There are also some scripts included to assist in creating TOSEC folders,
and some ‘move’ scripts for those of you using RomVault.

For all the latest work-in-progress news, as well as expanded details on all
upcoming changes and additions, keep up to date by visiting us at:


The TOSEC Team


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