Un émulateur de GameBoy N&B et color, Super GameBoy et GameBoy Advance créé par Mudlord (avec l’aide de Nach, Squall Leonhart, Spacy, DJRobX, Jonas Quinn) et basé sur VBA de Forgotten et de la « VBA development team ». Le but est de réunir un maximum d’améliorations en provenance des autres builds de VBA. Enfin le build ultime de VBA?


Core and code improvements
– Improvements to ARM/Thumb ASM (and C_CORE if the given preprocessor is set) that have improved various hardware behavior.
– Improvements to Memory access resolving issues with the wrong bytes being returned and fixes to a DMA Fetch that was not behaving properly.

– Resolved some issues occuring due to an abuse of opengl, hq3/4x filters now work without colour issues.

– Resolved regressions from 1206 and earlier without reintroducing the bugs that were fixed.


Games fixed

– Croket 2 – would freeze when walking to the left of the snowman
– Jurassic Park Builder/Creator – text would be scrambled
– Lufia – scrambled text on main menu after cancelling the load screen
– Moto GP – register not implemented
– Phantasy Star Collection – text regression introduced and subsequently fixed
– V-rally 3 – graphics regression introduced and subsequently fixed
– Megaman: Battle network 1-3 and possibly many others – hanging on start. (1204)
– Megaman Battlenetwork – freeze (1205)
– Mother 3 – Audio fix (1224, 1225)
– Metroid Fusion – broken (1225)
– Super Mario Advance 2 – screech
– Revenge of Shinobi – freeze on black screen starting first mission


– Duke Nukem – Hud and menu now work. GBC video emulation needs more work however, the hack used is not correct and might cause issues elsewhere. (1194, 1197, 1206)
– Zelda Oracles garbage line at bottom of intro (1206, 1214)



Pack de plugins graphique pour VBA-M.

Télécharger VisualBoyAdvance-M SVN 1229 (992,4 Ko)

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