Il reste des exemplaires disponibles à la vente sur le site officiel pour les afficionados du bon vieil Amstrad CPC 🙂 . Un collector pour sûr ! Cyber-chicken est un shoot’m up simple et efficace reprenant la vue intérieure de l’anthique ‘Star Wars’ vectoriel sur Arcade. Mention spéciale à la jaquette du jeu 🙂


NEW AMSTRAD GAME RELEASED! This is a review for « Cyber Chicken » (also known as Cyber Huhn or Cyber-Huhn), with me opening up the package and recording live from my Amstrad 6128+!

This started life as an entry in the « Amstrad CPC 16KBs ROM Game Development Competition 2013 » (see here –…) and was the runner up.

However they decided to expand the game and release it commercially! And this is it!
If you’re quick, you may be able to still buy a copy!

Sorry for the crappy digital camera, and yes yes – I need to dust more!! (XYPHOE)
(c) AMC Soft / TFM 2014


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