Un émulateur de Sharp X68000/X68030.


Les changements (par google^^):

	 follow roughly (2013/11/23) o XM6 TypeG Version 3.11.
	  - Restore V3.5 emulation MercuryUnit - improvement number of VM.
	  - Restore the CZ-6BF1 emulation.
	  - "Display> Video> PCG", "Display> Video> BG page 0",
	    Fixed a display pattern of "View> Video> BG page 1".
	  - Fixed the SIZE field of SSW.
	  - Changes to write-through to write to the disk image.
	 implement (TT) Transparent conversion of 68030 MMU o.
	 memory access instruction fetch implement partial carried out by the long word always in o 68030.  Performance improvement is about 10%.
	 The implementation of the host mode o FPU.
	 I want to be changed at run time the o SRAM automatic update check.
	 Fixed FC of memory access by o MMU.
	 Change to milkjf font 8x16 font of o built-in fonts.
	 Fixed a problem that was aborted when you exit the application you are using a host of driver o serial port.
	 The modified so that it does not consume the host's time in power off mode no-wait operation the whole o VM.
	 Automatically adjust the height of the window events o "Display> Process> Scheduler" window so as not to protrude.
	 View the execution status of the MPU o to "Display> Processor> MPU register" window.
	 o FETOX, FETOXM1, FTWOTOX, speed up the processing of FTENTOX instruction.
	 Fixed some minor bugs o FPU instruction.
	   - FDIV instruction, FATANH (-0.0), FLOGNP1 (-0.0)
	 The implementation fr, rc, the ci command to o debugger.



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