MedGui Reborn est une interface (Frontend) pour Mednafen sur OS Windows.


Les améliorations:

– Added Drag & Drop for single e multiple file (no folder) onto Rom Grid
– At startup if MedGuiR resource folder is not found, you will be offered the download from MedGui Reborn main site
– Added a popup window if you want make a PSX cue/toc file before selecting the respective file
– Added a checkbox to force MedGuiR online update (useful to update the gui in intermediate version)
– Added a better english translation for any menu
– Fixed missing image in any button
– Fixed autoresize columns at the console change
– Fixed a problem with multiple archive file in compressed format (zip, rar and 7z)
– Accelerated populating of the Roms grid



Télécharger MedGui Reborn v0.049 (1.2 Mo)

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