Il s’agit d’un émulateur d’Amstrad CPC (et compatibles) pour Windows.


– CRTC 1 : Rewrite almost all code. Now run correctly most of the demo (send me a link to incorrect ones !)
– CRTC 1 : HSync overflow fix
– Gate Array : Add a fix the change the way the colors are displayed by gate array. Seems to fix incorrect display in some demos
– General : Snaphshot files (SNA) can be loaded/Saved. Quickload/save have also been added.
– General fix : Screenshot are not taken twice, and are real PNG files (no JPEG)
– General fix : Settings and pathes are no longer bugged
– General fix : Sound driver no longer crash (sometime) when the application ends


Télécharger SugarBox v0.18 (503.4 Ko)

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