RPCS3 a pour objectif de devenir un émulateur de Playstation 3 complet même s’il reste un chemin énorme avant d’y parvenir. Pour le moment il fait principalement office de désassembleur, la première marche vers un début d’émulation. N’espérez donc pas jouer à un jeu commercial avant longtemps, toutefois il commence à exécuter quelques jeux amateurs.


Changements :

– Merge pull request #131 from bagedevimo/x11
– Fixes X11 threading issue, under Linux
– x11 fix
– Merge pull request #130 from nohbdy/bugfix
– Minor code and memory initialization fixes
– Explicitly initialize member variables in SELFDecrypter, MemInfo, and VirtualMemoryBlock
– Zero out memory used for counter/nonce in aes-ctr
– Fix use of a Control Info pointer after it is added to an Array via
– Array::Move (which makes it an invalid pointer) in SELFDecrypter::LoadHeaders
– Merge pull request #129 from acmiyaguchi/master
– Fix a hang after failing to run an *.elf file and stopping emulator
– Quick one line change fixes a hang after failing to run an *.elf file and stopping the emulator via the Stop button.
– Reverted ConLog changes of commit 5ea58d94
– This was causing a « Bad flip! » error on Arkedo Series 02 Swap!. I guess we will have to search for a better solution. I just reverted the ConLog.cpp / ConLog.h files.
– Related commit:
– PSF Loader improved & issue #126 fixed
– Improved PSF Loader: Now you can get the value of the PARAM.SFO entries directly with the GetString(key), GetInteger(key) methods.
– GameInfo related lines were removed since they have nothing to do with PSF files.
– cellGame, cellSysutil, and GameViewer are modified because of the PSF
– Loader changes.
– Removed unnecessary null pointer checks:
– Merge pull request #124 from xsacha/master
– Linux build fix (Minor fixes)
– Modified some .gitignore’s
– Removed some #include ‘s
– and other stuff…
– Merge pull request #125 from lioncash/ui
– Simplify some VFS-related code.


Télécharger RPCS3 (x86) v0.0.0.4 (2014/06/02) (2,9 Mo)

Télécharger RPCS3 (x64) [WIP] v0.0.5 Alpha (2018/06/15) (15,5 Mo)

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